Anniversary of Evrol Anthony Hutson and Candace Monique Brown

Evrol Anthony Hutson and Candace Monique Brown celebrated their anniversary on July 17, 2008.
Evrol Anthony Hutson, Network Engineer. Lives in New York, NY.
Candace Monique Brown, Senior Property Accountant. Lives in New York, NY.
“I was minding my own business and I noticed this girl staring me down from across the room,” said Anthony of their first meeting at the 40/40 Club in New York. “I walked up to her and said, ‘did you lose something?’ I figured I would help her out, she looked like she wanted to talk to me.” As one might imagine, this is where the accounts diverge. “My husband makes up his own story about how we met, whatever he says, do not believe it!” counters Candace, whose from Queens, NY. “He came over to me and sparked up a normal convo. I asked him where he was from. He said Philly, I immediately told him this would never work and ended the conversation.” He earned cool points - and her number - after dismissing a lurker who was annoying her, and for being a laidback yet confident cutie. Geography notwithstanding, Candace wasn’t eager to jump into a new relationship after having just ended one. “I made him work! I just came out of a really tough relationship and it wasn't safe for anyone,” she said jokingly. “But he put in the work, I cannot lie. He was determined to soften up my heart and he did, kudos to him.” He drove twice a week to NY to take her out and moved back before they married.
Three children in, the couple makes putting a smile on each other's face and showing their kids how to love a priority. “I act like I'm a DJ in the house and he gets me a DJ class for my birthday,” she said. “Whatever I like he likes and takes an interest in and I love that. How could I not love that man?” Anthony maintains that it’s easy to say “black love is in trouble,” just as it's easy to not work for something. "If you say black love is in trouble, you're really saying you're lazy," he said. "Her happiness makes me happy. I really never felt that way about anyone before.”
-Akeya Dickson
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