Anniversary of Jon Suber and Miesha Iman Suber

Jon Suber and Miesha Iman Suber celebrated their anniversary on December 4, 2010.
Jon Suber, Supply Chain Manager. Lives in NJ.
Miesha Iman Suber, Staffing Manager. Lives in NJ.
Miesha was not pressed to meet the young man named Jon who their mutual friend Brandon kept telling her about. “Brandon kept trying to introduce me to Jon but I wasn’t interested,” Miesha says. But a chance meeting at a New Year’s Eve party gave Miesha a change of heart. “Jon and I exchanged numbers and went out a week later. I was immediately impressed by his intelligence. He was well-read and up on current events,” she explains. Jon says of Miesha, “I thought she was cute, easy to talk to and funny.” And from there, the love affair began…
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